First Name: Graeme
Surname: Baxter
Position: Research Student
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263889

PhD Thesis Title
The communication and exchange of information between state and stakeholders

The research area forming the basis of my PhD might be summarised as the communication and exchange of information between ‘state’ (i.e. parliaments and governments at local, devolved, national and European levels) and ‘stakeholders’ (i.e. the general public, interest groups, the media, etc.). More specifically, it focuses on four distinct but interrelated themes:

  • the communication of information by, and within, parliaments;
  • the use of the Internet for information provision and exchange by political parties and candidates during parliamentary election campaigns;
  • the exchange of information between government and stakeholders during formal public consultation processes; and
  • the exchange of information between government, developers, the media and the general public during controversial planning and building developments.

Within these four themes, and based on a portfolio of 19 peer-reviewed, public outputs, I aim to demonstrate my contribution to the advancement of knowledge in two key and closely linked areas:

  • the investigation of users’ information needs and information-seeking behaviour , i.e. the extent to which stakeholders have expressed or unexpressed needs for information produced by ‘the state’, the ways in which they attempt to obtain such information, and the ways in which they evaluate and use the information obtained; and
  • the critical evaluation of information service provision, i.e. the ways in which ‘the state’ provides and communicates information to stakeholders, and the extent to which these satisfy the stakeholders’ information needs

Principal Supervisor: Dr Simon Burnett

Graeme is studying for his PhD by Public Output part time. He is a research assistant at Aberdeen Business School. See his staff profile for information on his role, research interests and publications.