First Name: Dorothy
Surname: Bassey
Position: Research Student

PhD Thesis Title
Harnessing Regulatory Instruments for Optimising Environmental Compliance in the Hydrocarbon Sector in Nigeria

Nigeria ranks as one of the largest oil producing nations of the world and is also a major exporter of petroleum. The country derives over eighty percent of its revenue from oil proceeds.

To attain higher levels of Environmental compliance, there is need to critically evaluate the several laws, acts and guidelines in order to highlight the gaps inherent in them and thereby propose alternate regulatory approaches i.e. self regulation, smart regulation for optimal environmental compliance. These laws though explicit and specific to the different challenges identified in the complex and specialized oil and gas sector, has failed to address environmental degradation and conservation in the oil rich Niger Delta region( UNEP Ogoni report ) in Nigeria.

Though these guidelines originated from established regions like the UK, Norway and the United States of America, it is imperative to explore other regulatory framework for sustainability of oil and gas operations. This approach will aim to harness the existing regulatory structure in Nigeria bearing in mind the nations sensibilities and government structure.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Leon Moller

Dorothy is studying for her PhD part time.