Silvia Bassanese
First Name: Silvia
Surname: Bassanese
Position: Lecturer
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263542

Academic and Professional Background

Cross-cultural academic background at IUAV University of Venice - MSc Arch (Distinction), MSc Visual Arts (Distinction). Silvia's past professional experience includes around ten years of curatorial position in MAXXI, National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome, and design research in Permasteelisa Group in Italy and UK.

External roles 

  • Member - LEMUR (Laboratori d'emergències urbanes)
  • Scientific International Advisory Board Member - IMM Integrated Modification Methodology, Design Laboratory for Urban Sustainability
  • Founding member - AE Foundation (Architecture and Education)

Research Interests

Silvia’s research, projects and teaching focus on the relationship between critical methods of thinking in architecture, exploratory design process, and ethical urban impact. She is also interested in exploring the potential of emptiness and unoccupied speculative urban voids. Promoting applications on web digital platforms is part of her investigation.

The ongoing educational project Build Our Nation has started involving 250 international students and its first live application Taifa Letu Tujenge aims to develop a design for a women’s community centre in Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo in cooperation with the local ASFP Action Solidaire pour la Femme Paysanne. A semi-open interactive web-documentary in collaboration with a film maker is in progress. 

  • MoU between The Robert Gordon University (UK) and Politecnico di Milano School of Building Engineering and Architecture (Italy), Escola Tècnica Superior d`Arquitectura de Barcelona (Spain), Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain).
  • Session chair - International projects, INTED2012.
  • Member - Scientific International Advisory Board, ICERI2012.

Teaching Interests

  • Lecturer in Architecture - Design Studio and Design Philosophy.


  • Rodeghiero, B., Bassanese, S. (2014). Transitional spaces for transitional identities. The Plaça de les Glòries case study in Barcelona. EURAU2014 Composite Cities, European Symposium on Research in Architecture and Urban Design.
  • Bassanese, S., Rodeghiero, B. (2014). Affective experience in space. A case study for systems thinking in architecture. AAE2014 Proceedings, pp. 35-40, ISBN 978-0-9929705-2-9.
  • Bassanese, S., Rodeghiero, B., & Espanyol, A. (due for publication 2013). Pursuing resilience in architectural education through international experimental projects: new boundaries in the Design Studio, in Zaman Q. and Troiani I. (eds.), Changing Principles and Praxis in Urban Research, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Bassanese, S., Espanyol, A., & Rodeghiero, B. (2012). Build Our Nation international project: an innovative educational model for systems thinking in design. INTED2012 Proceedings, pp. 4849-4858, ISBN 978-84-615-5563-5.
  • Bassanese, S. (2012). Radical design for Museum: towards an ‘ethic of doubt’. Available at: (accessed on 27/06/2012).
  • Andreotti, G., & Bassanese, S. (2000). Award winner AIDI 1999: the glass light. Luce. AIDI, 5, 46-52, ISSN 1120-3498.
  • Andreotti, G., & Bassanese, S. (1999). Light performances, comfort, and transparency: some variables for an aesthetical-perceptive valuation when choosing a reflecting glass panel in a curtain wall façade. Modulo, 251, 524-528.
  • Andreotti, G., & Bassanese, S. (1999). Transparency and colour of solar control glass panels in daily conditions: an innovative experimental research. Rivista della Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, 3, 117-125, ISSN 0391-4259.

Editorial contribution

  • Baldi, P. (2007). Maxxi: National Museum of 21st Century Arts. Milan: operaDARC Mondadori Electa, ISBN 978-88-370-4603-3.
  • Rambert, F. (2006). Fuksas: unsessantesimodisecondo. Milan: operaDARC Mondadori Electa, ISBN 88-370-45051-8. 
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  • Margherita, G. (2006). MAXXI Workscape: Photographs 2003/06. Milan: operaDARC Mondadori Electa, ISBN 88-370-4768-1.

Exhibitions Installations Workshops

  • Build Our Nation & Taifa Letu Tujenge: Common Ground, Workshop and Installation, 13th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, Venice (2012).
  • Build Our Nation & Taifa Letu Tujenge. Exhibition 'Design Build projects' at International Symposium 'Studio: New Ways in Architectural Education', CoCoon Technische Universität Berlin (2012).
  • spAce. Exhibitions at 7 Belmont Street and SSS, Aberdeen (2012). 
  • Museums XXI; Museum Next Generation; Massimiliano Fuksas unsessantesimodisecondo; Holland-Italy 10 Works of Architecture; Design A_Z; Centre Pompidou Metz; MAXXI Cantiere-10th International Architecture Exhibition, Biennale Venice; Mollino fragments. Exhibitions and Installations at MAXXI, Rome (2006-2008). 
  • MAXXI in ACTION. Knowing contemporary architecture. Educational project at MAXXI, Rome (2006-2007). 
  • Videomagazine. Independent Film Festival. Curators: A. Costa, M. Morandini, and D. Segre, Bellaria (2004). 
  • Montalvo Hervieu CHOREOgraphy. Talk show Dialogues on display. Curators: S. Boeri and H.U. Obrist, Viafarini Gallery, Milan (2003). 

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