Hussain Arab Profile
First Name: Hussain
Surname: Arab
Position: Research Student
Telephone: 01224 26 2416

Research title: Application of chitosan in the treatment of produced water from the oil fields.

Start date: October 2012

Produced water from oil fields is considered the largest waste produced from the hydrocarbon industry; generally it contains large amounts of pollutants which are very hazardous to the environment. Produced water goes through several treatment processes in order to make suitable for discharge or reinjection or reuse. In almost all cases produced water from hydrocarbon fields will contain residual accounts of hydrocarbon is small quantities. Removing this residual oil is very challenging. Recently, chitosan has been used as an adsorbent of heavy metals and dye and palm oil in several industries and gave great results. Therefore, this research projects aims to assess the applicability of chitosan as an adsorbent of residual oil present in the treatment produced water.


Dr. Gbenga Oluyemi (Principle Supervisor, RGU)
Dr. Cathy McCullagh (Supervisor, RGU)

Dr. Muhammad Salman (Supervisor, KISR)
Dr. Essam El-Sayyed (Supervisor, KISR)