Mohamed Amish
Title: Dr
First Name: Mohamed
Surname: Amish
Position: Course Leader (PgCert | PgDip | MSc Oil & Gas Engineering (FT & OL)) / Senior Lecturer - Oil & Gas Engineering / Research - Energy
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 262329

My long standing teaching, leadership, professional practice and recognition are all based on thirty-five years’ involvement with the Oil and Gas industry. This comprises of seventeen years of professional academic teaching with School of Engineering, RGU and eighteen years of varied oil field experience at a senior level of Operational Superintendent in Drilling and Petroleum Engineering. I have integrated my professional industry practice with academic experience and made exceptional and sustained contributions to the School of Engineering and University’s objectives in UK and globally including innovation and enhancement of teaching and learning excellence and generating a substantial level of income as well as achieved awards and recognised by clients and students on these programmes for their success.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oil and Gas Engineering Course Leader
  • Development Leader for a variety of Oil and Gas Corporate Programmes for the energy industry in the UK and overseas for several years.
  • Negotiated partnership agreement with clients, contributed to the RGU winning further corporate contracts and developed the best sustainable learning and practical strategy for the major oil companies and promote the UK education system abroad.

Academic Background

I have a sustained and active commitment to the embedding of high-quality teaching and learning, and I lead staff to promote attractive employment-driven programmes that transform students into independent, industry-ready engineers. Working closely with the School, I championed an effective response to widening participation, energy transition, digital technology, and remote working during COVID-19. These actions reflect a new emphasis on research-enhancing teaching, work-based learning (WBL), and digitally enabled teaching and learning and the shift to hybrid virtual learning to accommodate different student learning styles, preferences, or needs within our university strategy. To build up client-facing experience throughout their degree, I expose students to the wider industry partners, using the network I have developed over many years. This is aligned with key employability skills, which are highly valued in today’s 21st century job market and are part of the School Teaching and Learning Strategy.

I have developed innovative approaches to learning enhancement using adopted Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction and the ADDIE model of instructional design. I make an extensive contribution to advancing the practice of teaching and the enhancement of engineering education and supporting the professional development of colleagues from an institutional to an international level. Leading and managing change in HE challenges established practices, requiring leaders to create a collaborative environment that enables academic, professional services and students to fulfil their potential and interests. My leadership examples include the development of a school-wide Virtual Lab, collaborative project-based learning, research enhanced teaching and learning, and the development of WBL engineering models (partnership programmes).

Work-based learning has increasingly become an area of interest for the higher education sector and it is a significant element of continuing professional development and lifelong learning. Over the last 10 years, I have used and integrated my professional practice and knowledge of the energy sector with academic experience to develop sustainable and distinctive partnership corporate courses (work-based and placement learning framework) to a number of key strategic programmes for RGU such as Shell (EPE), Sonatrach Algeria, PDVSA Venezuela and BP in line with the strategic directions of RGU.

Major Oil Company Work-Based learning Corporate Programme Development Leader combined with oil and gas applications Sonatrach Corporate Programme Development Leader:

  • Extended MSc Drilling and Well Engineering (Rig Supervisors Programme)
  • Extended MSc Reservoir Engineering
  • MSc Industry Corporate Research

Shell (EPE) Corporate Programme Development Leader:

  • MSc Well Design and Engineering
  • MSc Completion and Well Intervention Engineering
  • MSc Industry Corporate Research
  • Engineering Research Doctorate (EngD)

Led on Development Oil and Gas Engineering Programmes and Leadership (work-based and placement learning framework):

Full time, distance learning and blended learning partnership between RGU, the oil and gas industry and international organisations (i.e. Algerian Petroleum Institute, Sonatrach and Shell EPE) which has successfully resulted in partnership commercial business worth £14M over the last ten years.

UG, PG and EngD courses:

  • MSc Oil and Gas Engineering
  • MSc Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering
  • MSc Petroleum Engineering
  • BSc Well Services Engineering
  • MSc Well Design and Engineering
  • MSc Completion and Well Intervention Engineering
  • MSc Reservoir Engineering
  • MSc Drilling and Well Engineering
  • Work placement MSc projects
  • Engineering Research Doctorate, EngD

Professional Training Development and Leadership

  • Familiarization Oil and Gas Field Training Package (14 courses)
  • Work Placement Learning Activities
  • Petroleum Engineering courses (12 courses in progress)

Quality enhancement and Accreditation

  • Developed MSc Engineering Research Project Handbook 
  • Programmes and Academic Quality Handbook
  • QA reviewer for several external organisations in UK and abroad. Also acted as QA reviewer External Expert Panel member: Re-Approval event for the Masters Programmes Framework Review of the School of Science and Engineering at University in UK
  • 2006-till date: Experience of programmes Accreditation by professional Institute, for example, in 2016, I supported the School Pg course leaders and reviewed the teaching and learning section through modules outcomes mapping against EI metrics for 9 MSc courses in full time, ODL and blended learning modes of delivery.

Leadership Administration duties:

  • Member of School Academic Board
  • Membre of Teaching & Learning Committee
  • Member of Assessment Committee and Assessment Board
  • Member of the Postgraduate Programmes Management Team
  • Member of School Marketing Team Committee
  • Member of Staff Student Liaison Meetings
  • Member of Steering Committees Group
  • Internal Examiner and PhD External Examiner
  • Internal Moderator UG and PG modules
  • PG modules coordinator, SoE
  • PG module coordinator, School of Computing
  • Project supervision (BEng, Meng and MSc)
  • MSc project coordinator
  • PhD External Examiner

Research Interests

Mohamed’s research activity covers a variety of areas within oil and gas engineering education, with a particular focus on technology enhancement and sustainability, drilling optimisation, and formation damage.

Current Research

  • Integrated approach to select artificial lift method using Machine Learning.
  • Real time sand failure & volume prediction in reservoir sands by taking into account reservoir & fluid characteristics & operational factors.
  • Well Integrity Challenges & Solutions – what is working and not working. Case study of matured wells in the UKCS.
  • Living in a Digital World - Developing Engineering Laboratory Education: Hybrid Virtual Lab.
  • Oil companies work with universities to address skills challenge.
  • Working with Libya: Education opportunities in a new era.

Professional Memberships

FEI (Fellow of the Energy Institute)

SFHEA (Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy)

External / Professional Roles

  • Chief External Examiner, University in UK
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Science Journal Editor
  • Petroleum Engineering Programme External Examiner, University in UK
  • QA Reviewer
  • Education Journal Reviewer
  • PhD External Examiner


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Teaching and Learning conference presentations

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Media Coverage

2015 - 2021

Led and supported students to win Energy Institute competition first prize. This is the seventh year in a row that the RGU School of Engineering has won the first prize of The Energy Institute Best Industry Project competition, which reflects the strength of staff, and supports the student journey from application to graduation. This also reflects the high standards of energy courses and the high-quality students we attract. I am extremely delighted by the significant achievements of our graduates and I am very pleased and proud of women engineers awarded distinctions in the oil and gas courses at RGU and also winning prizes in these prestigious competitions:

Seventh year in a row win for RGU at Energy Institute competition

RGU students win Energy Institute competition - 2021

RGU students win Energy Institute competition - 2020


University Personal Tutor of the Year. 2021 STAR Awards

Excellence in Teaching and Learning. 2020 STAR Awards

VLab School Champion, 2020

RGU Educational Provider of the Year, GetEnergy Awards 2016

2009 & 2015: Getenergy Awards, London

2011, 2013 & 2015 Reservoir Engineering Award & Drilling and Well Engineering Award (Sonatrach, Algerian Petroleum Institute and students)

I Love My Lecturer. 2011 RGU-Student-Led Teaching Awards