Tope Ajibade
First Name: Temitope
Surname: Ajibade
Position: Research Student

Research Title: Laterite as a Construction Material with High Potentiality for Sustainable Construction in Nigeria

Start Date: February 2012

Concerned Scientists all over the world have come to the conclusion that human activities play a major role in global warming. The emission of greenhouse gases and aerosols into the atmosphere tend to alter its composition, thereby causing climate change. This would be on the increase unless there is a considerable reduction in the emission of these gases.

This has left professionals in the building and construction field with no option but to figure out ways of salvaging the earth by taking into consideration the preservation of the eco-system while designing buildings and the use of environmentally friendly building materials. This has brought about a rise in research on sustainable building materials of which laterite is inclusive. There are comparative studies on laterite as a material for achieving effective low cost and affordable housing in Nigeria, with little knowledge about reducing greenhouse gases through the use of laterite. The proposed research seeks to address this gap in literature.