First Name: Kunbi
Surname: Adewojo
Position: Research Student
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 262575

Research Title: A Framework to Migrate Database Driven Business Application to the Cloud

Start Date: February 2014

Cloud computing centralizes computing services and cater for worldwide user audience. It is able to provide scalable, cost effective, robust and reliable computing and for these reasons it has been the focus of attraction in the computing world. These benefits have motivated organizations to either build cloud compliant software systems or migrate their existing applications to the cloud. However, building a cloud compliant software or migrating an existing one to the cloud is not a straightforward process, hence cloud computing deployment patterns are proposed to support the process.

This research is investigating software and deployment architectures for small business applications deployed as cloud hosted software services. Drawing on object oriented design patterns and focussing on multi-tenancy patterns, a cloud computing design pattern, this research aims to create a framework to migrate database driven software applications to the cloud. The research has focused on the relations, gaps and how the cloud computing deployment patterns can be improved. 

This research will help transfer knowledge of employing the right level of multi-tenancy patterns for cloud applications to software engineers. It will also provide a means for common language and mechanism for those undertaking such implementations. Overall the framework will use the model driven engineering technique (MDE) to help select right cloud design patterns that will aid migration of small business applications to the cloud.




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