Prime Mover Pathway provides community classes, business to business classes, personal training, online products, e-books and one off events. The classes include pilates, strength and balance and aerobics and are aimed towards the older adult. The purpose of these classes is to increase movement and strength in order to improve quality of life in old age.

Prime Mover Pathway is owned by Laura Walker. Laura has 20 years in the fitness industry and since setting up Prime Mover Pathway she has offered placements to RGU sport science students. Laura works alone and she doesn’t have anyone to discuss her business ideas with and she thought this would be a good opportunity to collaborate with a student. Over the past few months she has been working with a student from Aberdeen Business School to boost Prime Mover Pathway’s social media presence and gain some business exposure. We spoke to Laura about her experience working with a student through Talent Exchange.

What prompted you to contact Talent Exchange?

I work alone and so I have no one to bounce my ideas off of and this seemed like a good tool for me for this reason. I was looking to progress my business and think in different ways. It also appealed to me because of the cross-generational aspect of the project and the fact that a student may have a stronger knowledge of social media than I do.

Can you please describe the process which led to your engagement with a student through Talent Exchange?

I had previously worked with RGU sport science students and as a result I attended presentation days to learn more about what the university can offer in terms of placements. I met a member of the Talent Exchange team who told me about Talent Exchange and mentioned that I could work with a student from the Business School. I felt that maybe there was an opportunity here as there is a bit of a skills gap for me on the business side of things and so I entered the process because of this.

Can you describe the project that was undertaken?

We did several things including working on social media, visiting businesses to promote Prime Mover Pathway and we also ran a promotion for after the holiday period. The student also did some market research for me. I think because I was working with the student I did more promotional work to give her that experience and help the business gain exposure. Perhaps because she was with me I tried a few things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

What was the outcome of the project?

From the project I gained a few new clients due to the promotions we put on for January. It also helped me maintain and strengthen my relationships with current clients. I enjoyed the students’ presence and it provided me with an opportunity to plan a promotion for the January uptake. It also allowed me the opportunity to gain experience in managing another person.

How did you work with the student?

I met with the student once a week on a Tuesday morning for 1-2 hours to discuss the work she was doing. We also took this time to visit businesses.

How do you think the student benefited?

I think the student benefitted because it encouraged her to start her own business and perhaps working here gave her more confidence to do this. The project also gave her the opportunity to apply her theory and gain some practical experience.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known at the start?

Perhaps some more planning would have been useful.

What would your advice be to others considering working on a project with RGU students?

I would recommend it. There are many benefits from a small business perspective. It is important to identify a project first and have an idea of your aims and objectives for the project. I would also say that it is a good idea to come up with a job description prior to working with the student and work out if the project is viable for your business.

What was your experience of working with RGU?

It was good to have a second opinion and someone to bounce ideas off of. I would work with RGU again.

For more information on Talent Exchange, visit the Talent Exchange webpages or to talk to a member of the project team about a work experience opportunity email or call 01224 262046.