Established in 1989, Aberdeen Science Centre is a local visitor attraction offering a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Described as a pioneer of interactive science discovery, it provides a range of hands-on exhibits, events and a planetarium.

Over the past few months, Aberdeen Science Centre has begun a rebranding process to change their brand from ‘Satrosphere’ to ‘Aberdeen Science Centre’. They have been working with students from Gray’s School of Art to develop a logo and gain a better understanding of the design process. We got in touch with Thomas Etitia, Marketing and Development Officer at Aberdeen Science Centre to discuss his experience of working with Talent Exchange.

What prompted you to contact Talent Exchange?

The Centre wanted to start a rebranding process. In other words, Satrosphere Science Centre had to become Aberdeen Science Centre. We therefore needed a new logo and visual identity. We have worked with RGU before and had a positive experience and once we decided on this rebranding process we thought it would be good to involve students. We were also aware of RGU’s reputation for working with industry.

Can you please describe the process which led to your engagement with students through Talent Exchange?

We learnt about Talent Exchange through a member of staff at RGU who we had worked with on a student project before. We thought it was a good opportunity to make sure our rebranding process was going in the right direction.

Can you describe the project that was undertaken?

We received a varied range of ideas and gained a better understanding of the process but, unfortunately, we could not make one of these ideas our finalised brand at the end of the project.

How did you work with the students?

It was a very light management process. I sent the brief and had a meeting with the students to exchange ideas. Some students were very proactive in their approach; they visited the centre and asked questions to further develop their ideas. Once the initial designs were submitted, we chose a design which we liked the best and had further meetings with the winning student.

The process was not a daily commitment and meetings only took place from time-to-time.

How do you think the students benefitted?

The students benefitted because they had the opportunity to work on a professional project, it was a real exercise. It gave them the chance to learn more about how organisations work and what their needs are. It also gave them experience in working with other people and adapting to different needs and ways of working.

How do you feel Aberdeen Science Centre benefitted overall?

Aberdeen Science Centre benefitted through gaining a better understanding of branding requirements and of design processes. We are now more confident and this will certainly help us in the creation and adoption of the final brand.

What would your advice be to others considering working with RGU students?

Be sure to develop and send over a well-structured brief and project description.

What was your experience of working with RGU?

I liked the experience of working with RGU and Talent Exchange. It was flexible and it was interesting to work with new people. It was a great experience and highly beneficial for Aberdeen Science Centre.

For more information on Talent Exchange, visit the Talent Exchange webpages or to talk to a member of the project team about a work experience opportunity email or call 01224 262046.