Robert Paul graduated with a BDes (Hons) in Design for Digital Media and now works as a Web Developer for Blue Square Design.

"Before graduating from the Design for Digital Media course, I wasn't sure which field of design I would find myself working in - my final year projects involved 3D modelling, animation and video post-production, although I also had experience in Photoshop, Illustrator and other programs.

"I now work for Blue Square Design in Dundee as a web developer. I am having a great time learning not only from their designers, but also from their team of programmers and other developers. I have learned (and continue to learn) a great deal - coding languages like XHMTL, CSS and JavaScript, coding standards, accessibility, etc. - each day on the job.

"The design principles and practices that I picked up in the Design for Digital Media course are very transferable, and have enabled me to be more versatile as a designer. My course placements at Touch3D and Mearns & Gill prepared me for everyday working realities such as client deadlines, professional criticism and teamwork.

"As a bonus the course organised some excellent trips for my class while we studied, such as to New York and Amsterdam, as well as offering an opportunity to showcase our work at the New Blood exhibition in London before we graduated. Each trip was more fun than the last - I had a fantastic time!"