“This Project Management course has been designed to provide knowledge and skills which can be adopted in any sector”.

These are the words of Rajesh Jilla who graduated MSc Project Management in 2010. He is now a senior EDS engineer at Nissan Technical Centre Europe Ltd, U.K.  Rajesh found studying this course enhanced his professional standing and employability and goes on to say,
"First of all, doing a Masters degree in Project Management from RGU has helped me secure the current job at Nissan. The curriculum has been designed to cover all the areas of project management such as supplier chain management, project leadership, risk and safety, etc. very closely matches with the current industry requirements and helpful for the students to secure a career in project management. The course content has been designed in such a way that knowledge and skills gained on the course can be adopted in sectors such as IT, manufacturing, oil and gas, construction and, in my case, the automotive sector.

For instance, I use most of the techniques and processes taught during the course e.g. costing, project scheduling and supplier management. Modules such as project leadership will be very helpful in my future career where I am responsible for leading a project team.

Above all, doing the Project Management course has helped me to improve my soft skills such as presentation skills, negotiating skills with the suppliers and working in cross cultural teams. I would definitely recommend this Project Management course at RGU to any prospective student who would like to pursue his career in the area of project management."

Rajesh has gone on to work at Nissan Technical Centre Europe Ltd, U.K. where he:

  • provides Project Management support to the Engineering Project Leaders (EPL) in delivery of Engineering projects for the new vehicles developments;
  • is involved in close collaboration with the various Project Module leaders and Engineering Functional Managers & design engineers;
  • implements any required technical initiatives or process improvements to meet programmed targets e.g. BoM Reviews, Design reviews etc;
  • supports the Engineering Project Leaders (EPL) with the delivery of engineering projects including agreeing cost, weight and design targets with Design Engineers, suppliers and vendors.

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