Onyedikachi Onumajuru is currently studying MSc Purchasing and Supply Chain Management at RGU

Where are you from?

Owerri in Nigeria


Why did you choose to study at RGU?Picture of Onyedikachi Onumajuru, current MSc Purchasing and Supply Chain Management student at RGU

Aside from the fact that it is one of the best universities in the UK and Europe, RGU offers the right combination of course and modules to prepare a contemporary supply chain expert. I also made the choice over other UK universities because of RGU's friendly approach.

How would you describe the teaching on your course?

Fantastically amazing!

Any comments on the content of your course?

I would just say it's impactful, revealing, trendy and amazing.

What are your thoughts on the teaching and learning facilities at RGU?

The teaching as well as the learning facilities are very sound.

What advice would you give to a new international student who plans to come to RGU?

It's among the best choices you can make, especially considering the sound teaching approach and the experience of living in an oil and gas city.

What do you hope to do after your studies? How do you feel your RGU degree will help you achieve your goals?

I will look to take my first steps on my career path. I am hopeful that the degree and experience I have gained at RGU will make me highly marketable!