On Wednesday 5 October 2011, Myles Pearson, a prospective student from Birmingham, attended the university’s first Open Day of the year to investigate the management programmes offered by Aberdeen Business School. Myles, who is deaf, received additional support on the day in the form of a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter who was arranged by the university education liaison team.

Myles Pearson“I had a brilliant day at the university. I really enjoyed the campus, the courses sounded amazing and the tutors were friendly and kind.

“As a deaf person, it was easy for me to understand what the tutors and staff were saying by lip-reading, but the BSL interpreter was also a huge help. I want to say a big thank you to the education liaison team who arranged the interpreter for me and for making sure that my parents and I were alright throughout the experience.

“I would definitely recommend to any deaf people planning to go to university to visit RGU as the provision for a range of disabilities is very high. In fact, the university’s brilliant service for the deaf, which I had heard about before coming, was a big factor in my decision to attend the Open Day.”

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