Prior to commencing the master’s in project management in February 2014, I had worked in the oil and gas industry for a number of years, in a number of roles, for Fugro-impROV Ltd. My career had been relatively successful, culminating to reaching a management position by the age of 25.

Despite my achievements and the attractive career path ahead, which was not necessarily contingent upon obtaining a degree, I nevertheless identified that a business degree would be an important element enroute to maximizing my potential. However, it was not practical or desirable to take a four year career break in order to gain an under graduate business degree. Notwithstanding, it appears RGU anticipated such a predicament for prospective students, as suggested by the introduction of the graduate certificate - specifically the graduate certificate in project management. Indeed the course met my needs: it allowed me to continue working; it provided a solid understanding of project management to support my continuing professional development, and perhaps most significantly, facilitated access to the master’s course.

After completing the above-mentioned graduate certificate, the opportunity to pursue the master’s in project management full time, and thereby advance from having no under graduate degree to obtaining a masters degree within two and a half years, was particularly appealing. Especially in cognizance of how valuable the graduate certificate had been, in terms of improving my professional competence, which was anticipated to be further enhanced by uptake of the master’s course.   

My hopes were undeniably fulfilled: the content of RGU’s master’s in project management is perfectly crafted to deliver an education that is well placed to translate to students establishing themselves as fine, highly sought after project managers, or rather business managers generally, given the applicability of many project management principles to the wider business environment. Specifically, the course has responded to the modern requirement of project management to pay due consideration to the development of one’s technical, behavioural and contextual competences via its contemporary and comprehensive syllabus.  Moreover, RGU recognizes that knowledge is only one step, albeit an essential step, in the two-step process towards professional competence. Indeed, RGU satisfies the second step by students gaining requisite experience, by promoting group work and a work placement, with the latter aptly featuring in the final semester, and thereby affording the ideal opportunity to solidify the knowledge gained in the previous semesters.

After only weeks of having completed the course, I have already started to benefit from its undertaking; the education gained has fast tracked my professional development and enabled my return to Fugro-impROV in a position of greater responsibility than that held previously. I will be relocating to Perth, Australia, in the capacity of general manager. I know that the knowledge and experience gained during the master’s has been instrumental in accessing this opportunity, and as importantly, endowing me with certain skills required to do the job effectively.

The foregoing has concentrated on the technicalities of the course; however the expert RGU staff responsible for its creation and delivery, and whom are ultimately responsible for supporting individuals such as myself, pursue and achieve their career objectives, deserve all credit. Notably, Langes Supramaniam and his team, work tirelessly to ensure that the master’s course provides great value for money, with completion of the course representing a great ‘business’ decision in itself. Students do, and will, undoubtedly share in my sincere thanks to Langes and his team. Thank you!