"The prestigious Project Management Course offered by Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, is undoubtedly a pioneer program recognised globally for its maturity and fit for purpose content."

These are the words of Mehran Fard  who was the Balmoral Award Winner and graduated with an MSc in Project Management in 2010.

"The program begins with an introduction into projects, project management and its differences and overlaps between other areas of management. This initial part of the course is designed to ensure individuals gain a solid understanding regardless of their background.

The modules for each semester are carefully selected to facilitate a cohesive progress covering the building blocks of the subject. Coursework and group exercises are designed to reinforce and delve into the subject area while teamwork and leadership is rehearsed in a safe environment.

I personally believe that the individual CPD module, final dissertation and placement opportunity provided at the back end of the program, fully complement the first and second semesters in as much as they balance experience and knowledge levels.

Following completion of this course, I was offered a job in a project management role (project engineering) with a renown oil and gas contractor company. Since most large companies tend to have specific project management roles and categories, I was not immediately exposed to all the areas covered in the MSc course and had limited input to certain tasks such as planning, cost reporting, quality management, estimating and contract administration (project services); however my knowledge in these areas helped me a lot to understand these roles, appreciate the challenges and interfaces and perform better in my own role.

My responsibilities as a project engineer is to liaise with clients, understand and define project requirements, scope and expectations. I am also responsible for the delivery of projects and will have to appreciate the elements (risk, quality, contract management etc.) that could potentially affect delivery of my projects. I believe the MSc course gave me a robust platform to build my experience upon.

Having been following the changes and developments made to the course in 2011/2012, I strongly believe that Robert Gordon University is a leading example of a learning organisation."

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