Printmaker Julie Beynon studied at Gray’s as a mature student and mother-of-three. She recently enjoyed a very successful degree show, selling almost all of the pieces she had on display.

julie beynonHaving started out at Aberdeen College hoping to become an illustrator, Julie discovered screen printing during her second year at Gray's and now works almost exclusively using this medium. Through her research Julie has discovered a great deal about the historical male prejudice towards women as artists and hopes to pay homage to her predecessors by referencing women's traditional art forms in her work.

Julie has had to balance her commitment to her art with that of her family and said: "The tutors at Gray's have been incredibly supportive in allowing me some flexibility so that I could cope with family life alongside my studies. I used to see the sign for Gray's and wish I could be there - now I feel so proud when I see it and think, I've done it!!"