Lisa Griffiths, a Human Resource Manager and a current third year Employment Law & Practice LLM student, answers a few questions on why she chose RGU's Employment Law & Practice Course, online learning, and what she gained from the whole experience.

Why Did You Decide to do an Employment Law Masters Course?

I chose to do this course for a number of reasons. The extent of my knowledge has been based specifically around employment law and although I am CIPD qualified, I wanted to broaden my knowledge base but with a course that was still relevant to my role as an HR Manager within a County Council. I work closely with the Solicitors within our Legal department and this course has helped me to improve my understanding of their role and has helped to develop my skills base particularly with regard to the Tribunal cases we deal with. This course has also helped me to understand the particular pressures that are placed on employers within the Public Sector as our performance is put under scrutiny by various government bodies and we have to comply with specific measures. I am aiming to make good use of the knowledge and skills I have gained from this course within my own career in HR.

Why Did You Pick RGU’s Employment Law & Practice Course?

I live in Wales and unfortunately the range of options to study on a course like this is limited and it is a challenge to find something within a realistic commutable distance so I knew my mode of study would be distance learning. I did look at various courses, but I felt RGU offered a course that was very well structured with regard to its content.

What Support Did You Have From RGU and Fellow Students?

This is the first experience I have had of distance learning so I was particularly interested in how the whole process would work and what support I would have and in particular how easy it would be to manage the course via the virtual campus. It is really easy to make your way around the virtual campus and you have access to a wide range of support materials. You are able to contact other students on the course and on some of the topics we have been put into working groups so we can share our ideas and contribute collectively to the task. This has been particularly useful as you can learn a lot from your fellow students and it's really helpful to get someone else's point of view. We also have regular chat sessions, this took a bit of getting used to, it's a bit like video conferencing where the responses are a bit delayed but you soon get the hang of it. Your tutor runs the chat sessions and they are very good at drawing out your knowledge and understanding on a particular topic. The chat sessions normally take place in the evening which helps if you are also busy with work and other commitments. The tutors are also easy to contact via email or telephone if you have a particular issue or problem.

The course is very well structured in that you have 4 modules each year and on each module you have approximately 12 topics and one or two assignments on each topic. It is worth while completing the assignments because it helps to establish your understanding of the subject and the feedback from your tutor is very helpful, it helps you to refocus if you have gone of in the wrong direction for example. Really the more you participate the more you will benefit from the course. 

What Are the Course Highlights?

One of the highlights is realising how much you have learned in a relatively short space of time and this is established and confirmed through your participation on each topic. I have learnt so much more about our legal system in England and Scotland and the methods of evaluation of a particular subject and the reasoning round the conclusions and decisions that are made. The course also gives an excellent understanding of Labour Law and European Legislation and the impact of this in the UK.

Would You Recommend the Course To Others? Why?

I would recommend this course based on the varied and interesting content, the helpful structure and good support from the tutors and your fellow students and on the challenges it will give you.