Julia Waack is currently studying for a PhD at the IDEAS Graduate School at RGU

Where are you from?Picture of Julia Waack, current PhD student with IDEAS Graduate School

Rostock in Germany.


Why did you choose to study at RGU?

I was offered a double degree from my German university to complete my studies at RGU.


What is the best thing about being an international student at RGU?

Getting to fully experience the lifestyle of a different country. It is also a great way of gaining independence and learning about lots of different cultures.


How would you describe the teaching on your course?

The teaching on my undergraduate course (Forensic and Analytical Science) was great! The relationship between lecturers and students is much more friendly and open compared to what I had previously known. Furthermore, I felt the workload was heavier, but it was a good way of pushing myself to higher standards.


Do you have any feedback on class size or the staff-to-student ratio?

For my course staff-to-student ratio was excellent. Every one of the staff members made sure to make time for students.


What will you miss when you leave?

I am still here and not planning on leaving :)