Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) Award winner and Trainee Technologist at Halliday Fraser Munro, Graeme speaks about his experiences of the Architectural Technology course at RGU.

Graeme Hogg"The BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology course at Scott Sutherland School is one of the top courses for a reason. Its multidisciplinary fashion allows you to expand your horizons with flexibility and comfort. You are given the freedom to develop your skills in areas that you are interested but insured a high level of outcome due to the curriculum criteria.

The skills that you develop throughout this course are life lasting, you are not given the answer but yet shown how to find it. You are not refined to traditional methods of drafting and sketching but encouraged by the Lecturer’s into researching new methods.

The advanced workshop and tools at the University are always being upgraded.  With backing of the lecturers and students the facilities allow you to turn digital concepts into a 3d printed models.

Due to the flexible nature of the course, life after University has endless opportunities. Whether going into Visualisation, Building Design, Master planning, Technician roles, this course enables a smooth transition from University into the workplace, which is sought after by employers.

But it isn’t for the faint hearted, you get out what you put in.  Due to the high level of expectation, every year the course gets increasingly more advanced.  If you are prepared to give the commitment, rewards come in thick and fast and job prospects are endless." 

  • BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology

    Teaches the core aspects of Architectural Technology, equipping you with specialist expertise in technical design and management.

    1. 08, October, 2013 Industry prize for high-flying Inverness graduate

      Graeme Hogg

      Graeme Hogg (23) was presented with the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) Award.