Adam Comrie, a recent Management with Marketing graduate, was the first recipient of the Petrofac Undergraduate Sponsorship programme, which was launched in 2005. Adam’s sponsorship included £1,500 each year of his course, and an industrial work placement in his third year.

Adam ComrieHe said, "The financial support helped me greatly throughout my studies and the placement was also beneficial as I gained experience in many parts of the organisation from recruitment to finance and marketing. It was useful to see the theory which I had learned in the classroom being put into practice.

"I enjoyed my time at RGU immensely and will miss some of the teaching staff who have helped me over the years. Now I'm ready to step into the job market and I hope to work in either advertising or public relations, as these have been the fields of study which I have enjoyed the most. I feel more prepared after doing my degree at RGU and the work experience which went along with it."