Eva speaks about her time at RGU and her easy decision to study here.

"I was interested in refreshing my CV because I finished my degree some years ago.  Whilst studying an English language course in Aberdeen, some classmates recommended RGU and its Postgraduate courses to me. 

I was interested in finding out more, as it was clear that RGU is a modern university with an excellent reputation. Importantly for me, it provides masters programmes which are recognised internationally. Some of the programmes offer the possibility of developing a final project within a company and this was my case. 

I carried out my final project at M-I SWACO, where I enjoyed learning whilst improving my CV at the same time! RGU’s high level of graduate employment was another important point when making my choice. 

Studying at RGU was was a great experience, I feel very grateful with all the staff in RGU (lectures, technicians, administrators, etc) all of them were very friendly, helpful and supportive.  My classmates were also very friendly. We got on well, we helped each other and generally spent good time together. I had the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment and learn about other cultures, which was another aspect to RGU, and I made some good friends. 

Aberdeen is known as the Oil & Gas Capital of Europe, with many people from different countries living there – it’s a mixture of different cultures.  I enjoyed living there, Scottish people are very friendly: they are always willing to help you! There’s plenty to do in the city itself, from going to the theatre and cinemas to shopping malls and museums. There’s also a lot of amazing places to visit not very far from Aberdeen: castles, beautiful landscapes, lochs, distilleries. Quintessential Scotland! 

I have just started in a new role as Research Officer in another UK university and I my Masters degree from RGU was a decisive factor in getting this job."

Eva in 2012 with an MSc Instrumental Analytical Science.