A group of students at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment are involved in a project to design a facility for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Build Our NationThe University's 'Tesseract' society have helped coordinate the one-day workshop with the input of their tutor, Silvia Bassanese.

She devised the initial idea following a series of exchanges with Pascal Nshombo Kataraka (who now works in the Universite Catholique de Bukavu, DRC) when both were studying and working in Rome in 2007. 

The ‘Taifa letu Tujenge' project - meaning `Build our Nation` in Swahili - aims to design and build a multipurpose centre for women. It is hoped such a centre will help improve the socioeconomic conditions of women and girls in the city of Bukavu in the province of South Kivu in eastern in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

Students from Robert Gordon University's humanitarian architecture society - Tesseract - helped organise a one-day workshop in April 2011. On the day, 80 students from years one to five within the school mixed together in teams to design their own solutions.

At the same time in Italy and Spain, students from architecture schools in Barcelona (65 students), Reus (40 students) and Milan (50 students) participated in the workshop. The students updated their progress throughout the day via the web by posting regular blogs, photographs and films.

Seven students were then selected to take part in an intensive two-day workshop in Milan in May 2011 for stage 2 of the project.