"Prior to enrolling on this course I was working as a lifeguard for Aberdeen University for the previous two years.

Andrew Burgess "I was motivated to pursue postgraduate study by an awareness that I was not making full use of my potential. While the job was satisfying and fun I was not being challenged in any way. I also needed to prove my ability and I had an awareness of the need to start saving for a comfortable retirement and still be able to raise a family.

During the course, I balanced my time between educational, work, family, and social obligations such as charity work. Often my non-study activities suffered to remain up to date on the course. The semester is essentially one large time management exercise. It is a good idea to formulate realistic time plans, especially for those not used to self directed learning.

The degree of personal responsibility required by a postgraduate course was not something my work had prepared me for. I was expecting to be led by the hand in a similar way to an undergraduate. The surprise was hard to cope with at times, but I learned a lot about working independently, not something I was expecting to gain."