"Participating to the course in Construction Law and Arbitration has been a tremendous experience for me." These are the words of Andrea Dalceggio who graduated from LLM/MSc Construction Law and Arbitration course.

"I am an Italian engineer and I was working as a Project Manager in the steel industry. I was in search for “something” that could provide me with a thorough knowledge in an area that is essential for being a good Project Manager, that is, contract law. One day, surfing in the web, I checked out this course “construction law and arbitration”: I was really excited since I realised I found what I was looking for. I spend one week comparing other courses worldwide and I decided on Robert Gordon University: a distance learning course allowed me to work and earn a living (I’m married) and the accreditation from CIArb plus the recognition from RICS were signs of quality, which I value very highly in a post graduate degree.

"I never regretted my choice. I studied hard: evening, early mornings, weekends and holidays. I consider that “If little labour, little are our gains” (Robert Herrick). My wife supported me and she took special care of our newborn. The course is very well structured, with notes received from the University and lot of case studies that allowed me to test my knowledge and ideas on other group members with the support of a tutor. It is a distance learning course but I never felt alone.

"I was awarded the Postgraduate diploma with merit and I’m so proud of it. It hangs on the wall of my office, my new office: I changed work, now I’m Contract Manager for a medium size company for the oil & gas industry. I’m responsible for all types of contracts and agreements for my company. I use all the knowledge I gained, not a single module had shown to be “unnecessary”. And when I have a doubt, I take out my notes or I go to the library I created with the suggested references and I always find a solution."