Beyond immediate trauma care - educating to advance contemporary healthcare practice

Ensuring the skills set and competencies of healthcare practitioners working in remote environments are at an appropriate standard is a continual challenge and a high priority for employers and service providers.

The dynamic nature of the workplace as well as the age and health status of the workforce is placing greater demands on employers. Employers therefore need to be assured that healthcare practitioners providing services to their employees remain safe, effective and current in their practice.

RGU has developed a new series of workshops which reflect contemporary healthcare challenges faced in remote environments. These workshops will enable remote healthcare practitioners to develop their knowledge and understanding beyond their basic training and statutory updates and gain the competencies that are increasingly becoming the industry standard.

These workshops have been designed around discrete themes to be undertaken as stand-alone events or taken as a suite, in any combination, to address employee learning needs. These provide a fully comprehensive review of areas increasingly salient to remote healthcare practitioners, and employers.