RGU:RemoteMedic is an international hub in advanced practice, providing training, learning and education for Remote Healthcare Workers globally.

Global in the sense that we meet the needs of Remote Healthcare Workers across the spectrum of practice; from Off-shore Medic to Emergency Response, from Extreme Sports to Military Field Recovery, we provide training and education to meet your advanced practice development.

Global in the sense that we are based in Aberdeen, Scotland and can deliver packaged, or bespoke training, to Remote Healthcare Workers around the world.  We deliver where you deliver.

Global in the sense that we provide more than basic training in Immediate Trauma Care.  We recognise that while Immediate Trauma Care is the basis of much Remote Healthcare training, contemporary working practices, planning and awareness have almost eradicated the incidence of serious trauma in the working environment.  The serious challenges of advanced Remote Healthcare practice lie in the areas of workforce Mental Health and Wellbeing, Critical Care, Prolonged Field Care and Human Factors.

We have developed a series of short workshops to provide Remote Medics and related professionals with a robust framework within which to deliver effective treatment to people experiencing mental distress.

RGU Remote Medic Team

medThumbRGU Remote Medic Team

The RGU:RemoteMedic team is based within the School of Nursing and Midwifery at RGU.