Work-ready graduates; facilitated engagement; talent-matching service

When you recruit an RGU graduate you know they’ve been prepared to be work-ready from day one.

The majority of our undergraduate courses include work placements. Our students combine a thorough knowledge of their subject with the practical skills to make things happen.

If your company needs RGU talent you can:

  • Attract good candidates by attending our Recruitment Fairs
  • Recruit by advertising directly to our students
  • Showcase your business via guest lectures
  • Invite students to work on your projects
  • Demonstrate CSR by mentoring students

We offer flexible options for students to support your projects including one off challenges, short term projects (four to six weeks) or a placement (four weeks to a year). These paid and unpaid opportunities encompass the full range of professions. Just contact us and we'll take it from there.

Case Study

Video interview with an RGU graduate employer

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