Students undertaking social work training that leads to a BA (Hons) in Social Work or an MSc/Postgraduate qualification are required to complete a range of Practice learning placements.

Opportunities exist in a wide and varied range of social work agencies, in the statutory, voluntary and private sector. There are a number of core documentation, role analysis and additional documentation relating to these placements for the benefit of students, Practice Teachers, Link Supervisors and tutors.

For further information about placement opportunities, please contact Clare Hancock-Fraser. Email or telephone 01224 263235.

Core Documents

SASS Health and Safety Form August 2018 (DOC 90KB)

SASS Key Capabilities in Child Care and Protection June 2016 (PDF 108KB)

SASS Level Indicators June 2016 (PDF 302KB)

SASS Practice Assessment Proforma November 2018 (DOC 222KB)

SASS Practice Learning Agreement October 2017 (DOC 178KB)

SASS Policy Guidelines June 2016 (PDF 250KB)

SASS Practice Learning Application Form August 2018 (DOC 109KB)

Personal Learning and Development Plan (DOC 35KB)


SASS Role of the Student May 2018 (PDF 31KB)

SASS Role of the Practice Teacher January 2017 (PDF 31KB)

SASS Role of the Tutor June 2016 (PDF 113KB)

SASS Role of the Link Supervisor June 2016 (PDF 114KB)

Additional Documentation

SAAS Practice Learning Performance Expectations - August 2018 (DOC 87KB)

SAAS PPM Checklist for Unaccompanied Students - August 2018 (DOC 76KB)

SAAS Criteria for Placement Visiting - August 2018 (DOC 84KB)

SAAS Observed Practice Proforma - August 2018 (DOC 91KB)

SAAS Service User Feedback - August 2018 (DOC 91KB)

SAAS Student Expenses Claim Form - August 2018 (DOC 54KB)

SSSC Benchmarking Case Studies - August 2018 (PDF 1.6KB)