Are you interested in helping to train student social workers?

What is the Service User Panel?

The service user panel is a group of people who have past or present experience of contact with social work services and who are interested in contributing to the education of social workers in training.

Who might get involved?

Panel members are usually representatives of different service user organisations. This enables members to represent these organisations. Some members of the panel may not have to act as a spokesperson for the organisation they have connections to and may contribute from a more individual perspective.

How does the Panel support social work education?

During training social work students must gain a range of practice skills and an understanding of the needs and views of people who use services. Through its work the service user panel provides an important role in assisting Robert Gordon University to achieve this aim.

Why should service users get involved?

There are many benefits to be gained from service users sharing their knowledge and experience. These benefits will certainly be felt by students and staff, but importantly also by participants. Getting involved in the service user panel can be a rewarding experience with opportunities for personal development, recognition of skills and wider social and well being benefits.

In what ways can service users get involved?

Participants contribute to social work education in a range of ways. These include: Student selection; Student assessment; Direct input to teaching through sharing views and experiences; Course evaluation; Commenting on teaching content & wider national developments.

What can Robert Gordon University offer in return?

In recognition that participants are giving up their own time in order to get involved, Robert Gordon University are able to offer vouchers and travel expenses for panel related work. We are also able to offer support and training, along with new opportunities for development.

Who should I contact?

If you are interested in joining the panel or would like further information please contact:

Claire Marsden on 01224 263373, e-mail or
Iain Fisk on 01224 263233, e-mail