The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services, (formerly the Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education), was launched in August 2003 by Mr Euan Robson, Deputy Education and Young People Minister.

The Institute was set up by the Scottish Executive and the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (SHEFC) to design, carry out and evaluate three areas of 'innovative educational developments'

  • Learning for Effective & Ethical Practice (LEEP)
  • Assessment (Integrated Assessment)
  • eLearning (Learning Exchange)

These educational developments aim to shape the future of social work education by driving up standards and ensuring there will be a workforce that is equipped to meet the needs of the profession in the 21st Century. 

A key feature of the Institute is to bring together all nine Higher Education Institutions offering professional social work training in Scotland and to manage a strategic collaborative approach to the development and implementation of the new social work degree.

Full information on the work of the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services can be found on the website: