The RGU Carer Involvement Network (CIN) consists of an Open Core group, who meet regularly to promote the role of the carer in the work of the school and on a number of cluster groups who have experience in specific areas e.g. dementia.

We need carers in social work education and training to enable social work students to gain skills in understanding the needs and differing perspectives of carers of all ages and of those who use the services. This is achieved by involving carers, drawing on their views and experiences. At all times staff and students will respect privacy and confidentiality when working with carers.

Carers can choose to be involved in various areas including:

  • Sharing views and experiences
  • Student teaching and learning
  • Student selection
  • Student assessment
  • Course evaluation
  • Policy developments
  • Conferences

Carers will get training, support and feedback in whichever areas they want to be involved. In recognition that carers are giving up their own time, the University is able to offer vouchers and travel expenses. Carers work in partnership with the University and carer input is greatly appreciated by both lecturers and students.

Carer's Comments

"When I joined the CIN I had been expecting to donate: of my experiences, hard-worn knowledge and my time. I never appreciated how much I myself would gain through this work. I have learnt and grown so much: through students and staff at RGU; gaining in confidence; in skills; and learning about the background to policy that affects my caring role. Caring can also be isolating, and the CIN has been an important link for me to engaging with a wider community. I have also had the real privilege of meeting some extraordinary people." MAF

"I was a bit apprehensive in being involved with the group I suppose it seemed daunting but I am pleased that I did. I felt that it was good for students to hear from carers and their experiences whether they were good or bad.

It brings the human aspect alongside their training and it may help them in the future." MJ

If you would like to contribute to the CIN:

If you feel you have a contribution to make to this major development in the education of social workers please get in touch with Alastair Logan at the Robert Gordon University on 01224 263227 or or Angela Duvollet 01224 263240 (