A variety of career options are available to you with a degree in Applied Social Sciences. Opportunities exist within the private and public sectors, in social care settings and in business roles.

Police Officer

As a Police Officer you will deal with people of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds. You must be able to communicate well with colleagues, staff from other organisations and the public. All new police offers spend at least two years on probation when you will gain experience in a range of activities such as interviewing suspects, investigating incidents and taking witness statements. You can then apply to join a specialist unit, such as criminal investigation, dog handling, special branch (anti-terrorism) or the traffic/motorway section.

Starting salary (Scotland): £23,493 and rising to £36,885 - achievable after about ten years.
Average UK salary range £21,320 - £47,840

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Human Resources Officer

As a Human Resources Officer you will deal with recruitment, training, pensions and employee relations within organisations. Your tasks will depend on the size of the organisation, and your daily tasks might include advertising vacancies and recruiting staff, planning induction sessions and arranging staff training. You might also work to encourage and support employee relations, resolve disputes and negotiate with trade unions.

Approximate starting salary: £20,000-£25,000
Average UK salary range £16,120 - £35,360 

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As a teacher you will work with a particular age group. Primary school teachers usually teach a range of subjects to one class, but secondary teachers will often specialise in a particular subject such as Art, English, Maths or Drama. Out of the classroom you may carry out a range of other duties, such as taking pupils on educational trips, attending meetings and preparing lessons.

Annual starting salary for a probationer teacher in Scotland is £22,416 (1 April 2017) 
Average Teacher Salary in Scotland: £30,160. 

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Robert Gordon University Graduates

Graduates of our Applied Social Sciences BA (Hons) course have gone on to develop careers in a variety of areas, in social care settings as well as higher education and business.

  • HR Coordinator with Drilquip in Aberdeen
  • Social Care Worker with Alcohol Support in Aberdeen
  • Care Worker with SACRO in Aberdeen
  • Employee Support Worker with Momentum in Aberdeen
  • Student Support Advisor with Banff and Buchan College in Fraserburgh

“I found my HND in Social Sciences at Aberdeen College really interesting, and was delighted when I was offered direct entry on to the Applied Social Sciences degree at the University.”

Claire Reid Applied Social Sciences BA (Hons)