Forensic scientists are objective, accurate, methodical and thorough. Patience, attention to detail and problem solving skills are very important and equip graduates for a broad range of scientific careers in addition to those directly related to Forensic science.

Forensic Scientist

As a forensic scientist you will provide practical and impartial evidence to courts of law in the prosecution or defence either in civil or criminal litigation. You will examine trace material, in an effort to link a suspect with the scene of the crime, the weapon or the victim. This is a highly scientific role with much of your time spent undertaking highly detailed, laboratory based work. The main areas of forensic science are the fields of biology where you will work on crimes involving people, chemistry which involves crime against property and drugs and toxicology. Daily tasks might include analysing samples, presenting results and sorting and providing evidence.

Typical starting salary: £19,000
Average UK salary range £19,240 - £48,360

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Scientific Laboratory Technician

As a laboratory technician you will spend your time analysing, testing, measuring and researching samples, carrying out experiments and recording results. Part of the role involves ensuring that the lab runs effectively and adhering to health and safety guidelines at all times. Depending on the sector that you work in, you might be involved in preparing specimens and samples, recording and interpreting results and ensuring that the lab is well stocked at all times. Opportunities exist within a variety of sectors, and your daily tasks will very much depend on the type and size of the organisation.

Typical starting salary: £14,000 - £19,000
Average UK salary range £13,000 - £29,640 

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Robert Gordon University Graduates

Some of our graduates have gone on to be:

  • Chemist with SEBRA in Aberdeen
  • Reservoir/Fluid Analyst with Core Laboratories in Aberdeen
  • Laboratory Engineer with MI Swaco in Aberdeen
  • Trainee DNA Analyst with The Forensic Science Service in Aberdeen
  • Development Chemist with Clariant Oil Services UK Ltd in Aberdeen

“The course really helped me to prepare for forensics work in practice. I gained a lot of experience in scene-of-crime work, and even had the opportunity to provide evidence in a mock court room.”

Caroline Stewart Forensic and Analytical Science BSc (Hons) Fingerprint Development Officer, Scene Examination Branch, Scottish Police Services Authority