Bioscientist is a general term for individuals working in a number of diverse fields including biotechnology, environmental science and public health, in Universities and research institutions, government agencies sector as well as in manufacturing industry (particularly pharmaceuticals), veterinary services, forensic laboratories, and in the armed forces.

The knowledge and skills you acquire from a bioscience degree open up a huge range of jobs and training opportunities. More information can be found on the following links:

Biochemical Society - Choosing a careerRoyal Society of Biology - Make a difference

Some of our graduates will doing research into medical conditions such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes. Others will continue with their education, undertaking teaching qualification, Master level degree, or a PhD. A number of students use their bioscience with biomedical science degree as a stepping stone to Dentistry or Medicine.

Typical starting salary: £22,000 - £26,000

Robert Gordon University Graduates

Some of our graduates have gone on to be:

  • Laboratory Research Scientists with Scottish Agricultural College
  • Analytical scientist in the Food and Drink industry
  • Patient sample analyst
  • Microbiologist in the Food and Drink industry
  • Chemists with Intertek
  • Studying in Higher Education (Medicine, Dentistry, MSc, PhD)