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dmHTML_teaserLargeNoTitleAnalytical Science

Analytical Science

A variety of career options are available to you if you have a degree in laboratory sciences.

dmHTML_teaserLargeNoTitleBiomedical Science

Biomedical Science

Biomedical Scientists play an important role in the NHS in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease.



Bioscientist is a general term for professionals working in a number of diverse fields including biotechnology, environmental science and public health.

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Sport Science

Sports and exercise specialists may work in a range of careers, varying from promoting health and fitness within the general population to using scientific analysis to help improve sports performance.

dmHTML_teaserLargeNoTitleForensic Science

Forensic Science

As a forensic scientist you will provide practical and impartial evidence to courts of law in the prosecution or defence either in civil or criminal litigation.