Information, Communication & Media Placements: For employers

A placement student can be an important asset to any organisation. You may wish to take on a placement student to undertake a specific project, to cover a temporary staffing need or even to fill a permanent role.

Professional females in the workplacePlacement students can make important contributions to organisations using their newly developed knowledge and skills in a professional environment. The work undertaken by students must directly link to their studies, but the placement organisation can be part of any sector, private or public, from a small local company to a multinational organisation.

Due to the short length of these placements (usually four to six weeks) payment is not required. However, out of pocket expenses are usually paid by employers.

Undergraduate courses with placements lasting six weeks:

Postgraduate courses with placements lasting four weeks:

Further Information

If you are interested in offering a placement to one or more of our students, please contact the Placement Office at Aberdeen Business School. We will then discuss the student's potential role within your organisation and ask you to submit a job description. In due course, you will receive applications from suitable candidates for you to pre-select and interview.

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  1. Placement testimonials

    Businesses talk about the value and success of students on placements.

    Placement Success Stories

“It’s refreshing to see a young person having such a mature, confident and enthusiastic approach and exceeding the expectations of the job role. I would thoroughly recommend the scheme to both employers and students.”

Julie Gauld ITI Energy , Marketing and Communications Executive

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