Information is central to society and all sectors are concerned with information. Your degree from Robert Gordon University will open up a variety of careers to you. Our Masters courses are fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and each course has been designed in conjunction with professional bodies.

This means that when you graduate you will have developed the skills and knowledge required by industry. Information professionals provide a vital role across all areas of industry, and career opportunities exist in information services across the public and private sectors.

Information Officer

As an information officer you will manage the procurement, supply and distribution of information for an organisation, in line with their needs. Information that you deal with might include electronic information such as online databases, internet resources and traditional hard-copy library materials. The work tends to be office based and you will spend a lot of time working at a computer. You may also spend time working with other staff and users. You may need subject-specific knowledge to work in some sectors, e.g. legal and medical. Jobs are widely available in most towns and cities within a number of sectors, with roles in schools, universities, central and local government as well as within the private sector. 

Typical starting salary: £17,000 - £27,000

Public Librarian

This role involves collecting, promoting and circulating a range of information resources to meet the needs of the local community. Information that you provide might be for business, recreational, learning or careers purposes. It is important that librarians are comfortable with information technology in order to support library users in the use of the internet and online resources. Part of your time might also be spent in building relationships with members of the local community and helping them to meet their learning and information needs. You help people to find the resources they want and answer their enquiries. Your expertise helps you to make suggestions that they might enjoy or which will be useful for their studies.

Typical starting salary: £18,500 - £22,500
Average UK salary range £14,040 - £34,840 

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Robert Gordon University Graduates

Some of our graduates have gone on to be:

  • Librarian with the Ministry of Defence in London
  • Learning Resources Manager with Grantham College in Grantham
  • Assistant Librarian with the Scottish Government in Edinburgh
  • Assistant Librarian with the Advocates Library in Edinburgh