Further detail about the modules

Year 1

  • HSM150 - Foundations Of Physiotherapy Practice
    Introduces the key skills and knowledge of physiotherapy including clinical reasoning (the process used to identify the problem(s) you are going to treat). You will cover the core principles of patient assessment and their adaptation for different areas of the body. Some core treatments are also introduced in this module and you will consider the application of exercise and health improvement. A case-based approach to learning is adopted in this module. Themes surrounding clinical leadership are also incorporated.
  • HSM151 - Exercise And Health
    Introduces the key principles of health improvement and exercise prescription. This module challenges students to apply the principles of exercise to a variety of client groups and to be able to evaluate and justify how prescriptions need to be adapted to meet individual health needs. Application and utilisation of an evidence-based approach and the influence of healthcare policy is also explored in this module. Students are also given the opportunity to participate, design and deliver exercise classes provided within the Faculty.
  • HS4021 - Clinical Education CA1
    6 week placement focusing on assessment, clinical reasoning and exercise prescription. You will be given an active patient case-load under the supervision of a Clinical Educator.
  • HSM152 - Physiotherapy Practice 1 
    This module aims to build upon knowledge and skills gained from Foundations of Practice and the first clinical placement. An emphasis is placed upon the management of neurological conditions both acute and chronic, and how treatment needs to reflect the wide array of features that patients can present with directly and indirectly related to their neurological condition. Students are challenged to consider both the evidence base to support management as well as the health and social care agenda. Further, students manual therapy assessment and treatment skills are developed further with an emphasis on spinal management. 
  • HSM043 - Physiotherapy Practice 2 
    This module focuses upon the acute management of patients with an emphasis upon cardio-respiratory. Students will explore how Physiotherapeutic assessment and treatment need to be adjusted when managing acutely unwell patients in a variety of settings. Through key note lectures, workshops, and practical classes students will link the pathology of major respiratory conditions and discuss the impact that pathology has upon cardio respiratory function and participation in activities of daily living. Students will utilise the simulation models and volunteer patients in order to develop their therapeutic skills and competencies in this area.
  • HS4022 - Clinical Education CA2
    6 week placement developing assessment and treatment skills

Year 2

  • HS4023 - Clinical Education CA3
    6 week placement developing assessment and treatment skills
  • HSM154 - Physiotherapy Pathways
    This module looks at the different settings a patient may be treated in throughout their contact with physiotherapists. It will address how assessment and treatment needs to be adapted to accommodate this. Consideration of more specialist areas will be integrated in this module eg paediatrics and learning disability. As we are looking at complex patient presentations an enquiry-based approach is adopted to encourage development of problem solving and clinical reasoning skills. Inherent in this module is looking at the impact of healthcare policy and clinical guidelines and how this influences physiotherapy practice. 
  • HSM155 - Physiotherapy Research Project
    This module aims to introduce students to research methodology and enhance their research skills in the area of physiotherapy practice. Students will either undertake a research project, a systematic review, service evaluation or an audit for the assessment of this module. 
  • HS4024 - Clinical Education CA4
    5 week placement developing assessment and treatment skills 
  • HS4025 - Clinical Education CA5
    5 week placement developing assessment and treatment skills
  • HSM156 - Enhancing Service and Practice
    This module builds on the preceding modules and is aimed at maximising employability and preparing students to enter the workplace. You will look at how practice is developing, advanced techniques and how services may be changed to address the changing needs of health care. Other themes of this module include leadership, entrepreneurial and business skills as well as developing reflective skills.
  • HS4026 - Clinical Education CA6E
    5 week elective placement –you can normally choose where you do this placement and in what area of physiotherapy. These have been undertaken in many different countries.

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  • MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration)

    This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice physiotherapy via an accelerated programme which builds on prior learning and experience. It is a two year course with an exciting and varied mix of academic and clinical learning.