The framework is designed to broaden knowledge and understanding in fields of exercise, health promotion, public health, work related health and general wellbeing to meet the demands of a changing population demographic. We offer a wide variety of modules suited to those working, but not exclusively, in health care and sports science fields.

 Many of the key policy drivers across the UK health and social care sector attempt to address the public health challenges which include lifestyle related diseases, population growth and an ageing demographic, mental health problems, addictions and health inequalities. There is also a recognition that good health is not solely down to the NHS and that local authorities and the voluntary sector have a pivotal role to play.

About the Framework

  • Each module can be completed individually as a personal development opportunity, or may contribute to qualifications in Health, Wellbeing and Physical Activity either at; Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or MSc level.
  • Six year timeframe to complete desired award.

Flexible Approach

This framework allows you to organise your study to fit with your work commitments and home life. Most modules are delivered online and part time via our Virtual Learning Environment. You will engage with tutors and your peers using our virtual classroom allowing you to discuss and share learning. All your learning material is available online 24/7 providing flexibility and ease of access.

Benefits to Your Employer

  • Modules can provide you with updated capabilities suited to changing and emerging professional roles.
  • You can develop your capacity as a reflective practitioner, building and applying practical knowledge and skills.
  • You can further your understanding of research and the evidence base.
  • Organisations are widely consulted in module development and employers identify benefits in motivated and engaged workforce.

Who Should Apply?

  • Those with experience/interest in health, local authority, education, social care, sport & leisure and the voluntary sector
  • Typically you will have a degree and experience in a relevant discipline. Applicants who do not have a degree but have a professional qualification and a minimum of two year’s work experience will also be considered.

Modules in the Framework

Below is a list modules that are included in the framework. Full details of these will follow.

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