Health Professions Placements: For Employers

Student placements give you the chance to work with employees who are enthusiastic and equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. You can offer them the chance to use their skills in a real-life environment and can really contribute to their learning. Placements should give students the chance to learn, should be challenging but realistic.

Students working in a laboratory

Students on each of our undergraduate courses must undertake placements as part of their studies.

  • Placements can take place in a variety of settings across Scotland.
  • It is important that each placement meets the needs of the students, placement organisation and of patients.
  • Students work under the close supervision of experienced staff, to allow them to apply their academic knowledge and develop their skills.

Find out more about the courses which provide placements for our students:

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Nursing and Midwifery Practice Placement Co-ordinator
Liz Law

Occupational Therapy Practice Placement Co-ordinator
Elaine Stewart

Diagnostic Radiography Practice Placement Co-ordinator
Naomi Adams

Nutrition and Dietetics Practice Placement Co-ordinator
Susan Lennie

Nutrition Practice Placement Co-ordinator 
Shauna Cunningham

Pharmacy Placement Co-ordinator
Alyson Brown

Physiotherapy Practice Placement Co-ordinator
Valerie Sutherland

“Employers often refer to the placement experience as a 'win-win situation'. The benefits to students are self-evident. For organisations, the contribution made by these highly motivated and adaptable team members can prove invaluable.”

Val Cheetham Placement Office Manager


  1. 23, April, 2018 Hermeneutic Phenomenology Course & Symposium

    Health and Social Care Building

    Join us for the 2018 five day methodology and symposium in hermeneutic phenomenology  

  2. 23, August, 2018 Postgraduate Open Evening

    Postgraduate Open Evening

    Are you looking to enhance your job prospects, change career or continue studying? Don’t miss our Postgraduate Open Evening.  

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