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  1. 28, July, 2014 Nursing exchange gives students international perspective

    New nursing exchange programme

    Robert Gordon University (RGU) welcomes American students as part of a new nursing exchange programme.  

  2. 24, July, 2014 Experience life as an Occupational Therapist at RGU

    Dawn Mitchell

    Secondary school pupils and mature students across the north-east have been invited to a careers workshop to find out more about Occupational Therapy.  

  3. 22, May, 2014 RGU takes pioneering ‘one–stop-shop’ occupational health service to industry

    RGU: Wellness Teaser

    Businesses are being invited to an event to learn about an innovative occupational health service for workplace absence management.  

  4. 29, April, 2014 RGU students to educate public on life-saving techniques


    RGU students to take part in a non-stop CPR Marathon to educate public on life-saving techniques.  

  5. 10, March, 2014 Student Partnership helps RGU to achieve best possible university experience

    Student Partnership Agreement

    RGU launches Student Partnership Agreement to continually improve the student learning experience.  

  6. 21, January, 2014 RGU becomes Royal Society of Chemistry corporate partner

    RSC Partnership 101

    RGU has joined forces with Europe’s largest chemical society to advance the practice of chemical sciences.  

  7. 21, January, 2014 RGU professor delivers insight into modern midwifery

    Tracy Humphrey

    Professorial lecture to focus on the emerging roles of the midwife within the NHS.  

  8. 13, January, 2014 RGU’s School of Nursing and Midwifery recognise high achievers

    Nur & Mid 2013 prize winners d

    Achievements of top north-east nursing and midwifery professionals celebrated at annual prize giving ceremony.  

  9. 25, November, 2013 Daryl looks to a caring future

    Daryl Bell - Male Nursing

    North-east pupil Daryl Bell has set his sights on a successful career in nursing.  

  10. 07, November, 2013 RGU pledges support to children in care

    RGU Pledge to Care

    A national campaign to give a stronger voice to young people in care has been backed by Robert Gordon University's (RGU) community.  


  1. 23, April, 2018 Hermeneutic Phenomenology Course & Symposium

    Health and Social Care Building

    Join us for the 2018 five day methodology and symposium in hermeneutic phenomenology  

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