Many professional athletes suffer recurring injuries or periods of reduced performance. Their lack of availability during these periods can be very costly to both the individual and club.

Sports Performance

Many recurring injuries can be avoided, their severity reduced or rehabilitation time reduced, as a result of training guidance and therapies devised as a result of a thorough, scientific analysis of the problem.

The RGU Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) offers a service for professional and amateur athletes and their clubs where the athlete attends the HPL at the RGU Garthdee campus. The highly qualified staff of the HPL will discuss the nature and history of the problem and conduct thorough analysis using its array of advanced equipment. A programme of therapy and/or modifications to technique or equipment will then be recommended.


  • Faster return from injury
  • Reduced recurrence
  • Improved performance


A report will be compiled that details the findings of the analysis and makes recommendations for physiotherapy and ways the the athlete can conduct their training and competition such as to minimise the chance of relapse.