The RGU Human Performance Laboratory offers world-class expertise in the analysis of bio-mechanical conditions together with an array of the most sophisticated equipment.

HPL-12.jpgAll branches of healthcare may refer patients to the HPL for analysis of industrial, sporting or other physical injury or disability. Patients will be assessed to determine:

  • Kinematics and kinetics of gait
  • Foot pressures
  • Postural sway
  • Spinal and upper hand motion
  • Quality of functional activities such as Sit to Stand
  • Energy expenditure
  • Body measurements and body fat measurement


  •  Improved patient care
  • Reduced recurrence of injury
  • Avoid substantial capital expenditure


HPL staff will operate the lab's various systems, conduct measurements and generate motion
capture sequences if required. A report will then be compiled that will detail the findings of the
analysis and make recommendations for physiotherapy and ways the the patient can conduct their
activity such as to minimise the chance of relapse.