The ward area includes two 6 bedded rooms, a high dependency room with 'Sim man' and a children's single room with 'Paediatric Hal'.

There is also a nurses' station and 'dirty' utility room. There are digital cameras above all the beds in the ward area so that student performance can be recorded and used as part of the feedback process.

  • Two 6 bedded wards
  • A High Dependency room 
  • A single room for a child
  • Nurses station
  • Viewing room with digital media equipment

The ward area and community setting are used by all the students in the Faculty to practice their skills before they go to clinical placement. The two 6 bedded wards are modelled on a real ward and provide the student with a safe and realistic environment to practise and gain confidence in their skills.

Students will practise a wide range of skills according to their profession including; communication, vital sign measurement, urinary catheterisation, mobility assessment, moving and handling, resuscitation and many more. The professions that regularly use the ward area and community setting are Nursing and Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Radiography and Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • 6 Bedded Ward Area
    6 Bedded Ward Area
  • 6 Bedded Ward Area
    6 Bedded Ward Area
  • Children's Room
    Children's Room
  • Children's Room - 'Paediatric Hal'
    Children's Room - 'Paediatric Hal'
  • Dietetics 1
    Dietetics 1
  • Dietetics 3
    Dietetics 3
  • Dietetics 5
    Dietetics 5
  • Nurses Station
    Nurses Station