Careers in Nursing offer fantastic opportunities to combine science, modern technology, communication and clinical skills in ways that make real differences to people. Although it is still a female-dominated profession, around 10% of nurses are men.

Nurses focus on patient needs rather than their condition. They plan and carry out care within a multidisciplinary team but are the main point of contact for patients. 

Working hours in hospitals typically include regular unsocial hours. There is increasing scope for nine-to-five working, not only in the community and in specialist units and clinics, but also in industry and commerce.

Typical starting salary: £21,692
Average UK salary range £15,600 - £39,520 

Adult Nurse

Adult nurses provide care to, and support the recovery of, patients suffering from acute and long-term illnesses and diseases or those requiring surgery.

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Children and Young People's Nurse

A children's nurse is responsible for promoting optimum health and for preventing ill health amongst children and young people, usually up to the age of 16 but sometimes up to 18.

They plan and deliver care in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, homes and in the community, as well as during transfers between these settings.

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Mental Health Nurse

Mental health nurses work with children, adults and older people suffering from various types of mental health problems - in clients homes, in residential units, in the National Health Service (NHS) or in private specialist hospital services and secure units.

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