The School of Engineering boasts modern, purpose-built laboratories and facilities, equipped with the very latest engineering technology, ensuring our students always have access to ‘the right tools for the job’.

State-of-the-art facilities include the 'Slice of Ocean Wave Tank' which is currently helping researchers to study and test new innovative wave power technology that can withstand harsh environments.

Our IT laboratories are fully equipped with the latest industry-related software and online technical applications, ensuring high performance and outstanding support.

Students also have access to Campus Moodle, the University's new virtual learning environment, which offers a wide range of learning materials and student information.

  • Engineering Workshop
    Engineering Workshop
  • materials
  • ROV Student Laughing
    ROV Student Laughing
  • warning notice
    warning notice
  • Electronic Teaching Lab
    Electronic Teaching Lab
  • electron scanning machine
    electron scanning machine
  • Engineering Students Working on ROV 2
    Engineering Students Working on ROV 2
  • avometer
  • ROV Student
    ROV Student
  • pressure gauge
    pressure gauge
  • Microcontroller Lab
    Microcontroller Lab
  • Formula Ford racing car
    Formula Ford racing car
  • Students Working on ROV
    Students Working on ROV
  • Engine cooling fan
    Engine cooling fan
  • Student Soldering
    Student Soldering
  • sparks
  • Offshore Platform Model
    Offshore Platform Model
  • ear protection
    ear protection
  • Wave Tank
    Wave Tank
  • Wave Tank 2
    Wave Tank 2
  • Multi-tester
  • ROV in water tank
    ROV in water tank
  • ROV propellor
    ROV propellor
  • sectioned heat exchanger
    sectioned heat exchanger
  • Tanker models
    Tanker models
  • textbooks
  • thermocouple wire
    thermocouple wire
  • Wave tank
    Wave tank
  • Wave tank balcony
    Wave tank balcony
  • XPS detail
    XPS detail

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