Engineering Placements: For Employers

Student placements give you the chance to get an employee who will be enthusiastic and have the latest skills and knowledge. They can offer your company an extra pair of hands to help on a specific project or to help in an area where you may be short of staff. You can offer them the chance to use their skills in a real-life environment and can really contribute to their learning.

machineryPlacements should give students the chance to learn and should be challenging but realistic. It's important that the students are clear on what's expected of them as their performance will be reviewed.

Duration and Cost

Placements are paid and although it is up to the employer and student to negotiate rate of pay, the Placement Office issues a guide of £6 - £7.50/hour or £11,000 - £16,000/year.

While they are working for you, the student is covered by your insurance policies and will be asked to adhere to all your company's policies and procedures, including Health & Safety. The University will ask about your insurance and Health & Safety policies before the placement is agreed.

The Placement Office will send you a selection of CVs to choose from – from then on, the process is normally the employer's usual application and interview procedure.

Placement Opportunities

The following undergraduate courses offer placements:

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“You cannot underestimate the benefit of bringing fresh, young talent into an established engineering team. Youth, willingness to learn, innovative and new approaches to tasks and raw ability rubs off on the entire team and boosts everyone's motivation.”

Mark Sinclair Petrofac Facilities Management