As a Mechanical Engineer you will use engineering principles to provide efficient solutions to the development of processes and products.

You may be involved in the design of small component parts to the design of large pieces of machinery or vehicles.

It is an extremely wide discipline, with employment opportunities in the manufacturing, medical, power and energy industries, amongst others.

Day to day tasks may include developing, testing and evaluating theoretical designs and planning and designing new production processes.

Typical starting salary: £20,000
Average UK salary range £21,320 - £54,080 

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Robert Gordon University Graduates:

Our mechanical engineering graduates are extremely sought after by industry, with 80%* being employed in industry within six months of graduating.

Some of our mechanical engineering graduates have gone on to be:

  • Scaffold Design Engineer with RBG Ltd in Aberdeen
  • Risk and Safety Engineer with Bureau Veritas in UAE
  • Graduate Engineer with Sparrows Offshore Services in Aberdeen
  • Planning Engineer with Technip in Aberdeen
  • Project Engineer with Expro in Aberdeen
  • Design Engineer with FMC in Aberdeen

“My degree was particularly well aligned to the requirements of industry and definitely helped me to secure a job at Chevron and enabled me to make a confident start at work.”

Maurice Thomson Mechanical Engineering MEng Chevron