Lesley Canning and Hannah Mears talk about graduating in Business Management from Robert Gordon University.

Hannah: "Really good seeing all my classmates go up there as well. Last 2 or 3 months of university every single one of you is in the library. You watch everyone go through all their emotions and everything so it's good to see that they are all up there with you, it's a really good feeling."

Lesley: "Everyone's done well - the number of people that have actually done well today.

"I did management with HRM (Human Resource Management)."

Hannah: "I did Business Management."

Lesley: "You got to do a lot of subjects, like, a wide range, especially the fact that in first year we both did Management which covered all the modules so you got to learn about everything and then that's when I decided to specialise in HR. It showed me bits of everything and I know which one I liked.

"Just from 4th year the computers and library and everything for my thesis that was all really good."

Hannah: "Yes the facilities and the help from the library staff as well, especially when it comes to researching things for your thesis was really good."

Lesley: "We got a good solid degree that you can take anywhere, you can adapt it to different countries or environments and offices or companies. So I think we got a good base to send us out into the world."

Hannah: "A good foundation for the career. Yes, RGU's been brilliant for that."

Video Clip - Lesley Canning and Hannah Mears

Friends Lesley and Hannah talk about their graduation and their time at University.