James Smith - BA (Hons) Management and Talisman Business Scholar


Opening scenes of students walking through a building foyer, then moving to an inside study room with desks and computers, followed by a close-up of James Smith in front of a campus building.  While talking, scenes of academic life are shown, such as a round-table discussion and a lecture theatre.  The social life is illustrated by students in the common room playing pool, joking and dancing.
1 minute 9 seconds

James Smith

"My name is James Smith.  I'm studying business management and I'm in my first year.  The scholarship has made me very proud of my achievements to date - from my efforts at school to my interests in both the sporting and musical activities that I'm involved with.

"The first thing that I noticed about University is, it is really well organised, and the facilities are state of the art and I have never seen anything like it.

"From a social point of view, the amount of people I've met - it is just phenomenal and not just local people - people from different nationalities and from different backgrounds.

"In the future, I would like to hope that I obviously finish university with a top-class degree in management.  I also hope to hold a key role within the oil and gas industry. 

"I believe the scholarship that I am on will not only bolster my CV, but my experience of being a scholar will mature me into a stronger and more efficient employee or candidate."


Video Clip - James Smith

Management Student and Talisman Business Scholar